Only a few days before the deadline for opening a bank account, the tax administration indicates that there has been an influx of businesses sending in their data.

Rezana Çelmeta, director of taxpayer services, states that about 2200 entities have submitted their information in one day.

“On the first day that this opportunity was offered to electronically declare banking data, we had an influx of taxpayers and specifically 2200 taxpayers who submitted their data through electronic filing,” said Çelmeta.

Only natural persons who are not registered in VAT are exempted from this process.

“It is worth pointing out that the category of “natural persons” who are not included in the VAT scheme have no obligation to have or to declare their bank account,” said Çelmeta.

In total there are about 55 thousand businesses in the country that are obliged to open and declare their bank account details to the tax administration.