The Socialists will not take revenge on Democrats when they formally take over the leadership of the Shkodra Municipality for the first time in the 30 years of democracy.

With this message, Ditmir Bushati, under the qualification as the delegate of the Socialist Party for the district of Shkodra, tried to calm the administration of the right-wing municipality, after previously having warned he would remove those administration employees who committed violent acts before the election process.

“There will be no revenge in Shkodra and there is no need to start a process of self-victimization in Shkodra,” declared Bushati.

By promising a new standard in the direction of the Municipality, Bushati says Shkodra is now in need of hard work and dedication.

“Shkodra needs work, for a 24-hour chair. There is a need for a Municipal Council that approves the best municipal policies," added Bushati.

After a closed-door analysis of the Socialist Party on the June 30th results, Bushati maintained a critical stance on Voltana Ademi's leadership, but on the other hand, he referred to the lack of opposition to the new municipal council as a 'handicap'.

“A handicap has been created in that the opposition will not even be in the municipal council,” continued Bushati.

Participation in the June 30 election is the main topic of political debate, but for Bushati it is related to the tension created before voting day.

Bushati said that the Socialist Party has interpreted the June 30th voting carefully and that now is the time to start working on the city that, according to him, requires significant intervention.

“We know very well that the municipality and a part of its subordinate companies came to Tirana to protest, even during working hours. We will set a new standard in this regard.

“We have no plan. We have ambition to build a municipality of political character, rather than one that serves only a group of people,” concluded Bushati.