Former Socialist Foreign Minister, Ditmir Bushati has refused to vote on the project resolution on foreign interference in the election campaign presented by Socialist Party Parliamentary group chair, Taulant Balla to the Foreign Commission.

The Socialist Bushati cast doubt on the project resolution, accusing the initiators of using it to crack down on the Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha.

As a good connoisseur of foreign policy, Ditmir Bushati said that the initiative brought to the commission had major shortcomings and called on the Socialists not to plunge parliament into turbulent waters.

But according to Taulant Balla, this draft resolution is necessary as Russia is not the only state seeking to intervene in our country.

The socialist also agreed with the Embassy of the United States in declaring support for the 5G network, but demanding that providers be careful.

The draft resolution on electoral campaign interventions will be discussed at the Security Commission on Thursday, with additional documents expected by the initiators.