Former Foreign Minister, Ditmir Bushati says the press conference conducted by French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel shows that the prospect of our membership in the European Union is irreversible, but that we have to wait for the Council of Europe's decision.

“Since 2018, Albania has done the job the member states required of both Albania and Northern Macedonia. There was a clear calendar for organizing the first intergovernmental conference that should have been held in 2019.

“Will they be ready to welcome a country? The EU may never be ready, but likewise a country is never 100% ready to join,” Bushati said.

According to him, this is the third time that the issue is being discussed, though he underlined that "We should not be emotional at this time. If the door to the EU begins shrinking before our eyes, whether or not the issues are related to us, it should only make us twice as responsible", he added.

He expressed confidence that there would be no separation of decision-making for Albania and North Macedonia, which was clearly reiterated by the communication that Merkel and Macron had yesterday.

“Vacancies are never good either in politics or geopolitics, but for Albania there is no alternative to EU membership. Albanians have repeatedly said this in various surveys.

“The European course has been a guide for all governments that have run the country after the '90s. Over 80% of the region's trade is with the EU, and over 80% is European,” said Bushati.