Builders have warned that the government's decision to insure every facility in the next 10 years will affect the rise in apartment prices. Arben Dervishi from the Builders' Association states that this initiative will be an additional cost having a direct impact on affordability.

“You have to increase the cost by 1%. If we have an apartment of about 100 thousand euros, the builder has to pay 1000 euros in insurance for the apartment.

“It is difficult to determine how this will be divided up if the inhabitant causes the damage himself or if the builder causes the damage,” said Dervishi.

Dervishi warns that the Builders' Association will appeal against the government's recently made decision.

“The Association Board will meet and make a decision. But from the conversation, we agree to not agree with the way it was done, in terms of its rapid deployment.

“They decided this after the earthquake, and it’s not going to work. The state has already decided, but I believe there are ways to counter it,” said Dervishi.

The builders will be obliged to pay 0.1% of the value of the sale of apartments in insurance lasting for 10 years, otherwise they will not be able to obtain a certificate of ownership in the mortgage.