The Albanian government has revised the budget back in the middle of the year due to poor performance of customs revenues. 

The decision was adopted at the last meeting of the government and if we make a comparison of initial revenue plan, but also the total expenditures decreased by over 4 billion lekë.

The budget change in the middle of the year is a phenomenon criticized both by experts and international institutions. 

The main effect of this change in income is given by the foreign exchange rate, which has brought 3.6 billion less, which is expected to continue in the coming months, according to the fact that the European currency continues to be weak.

According to the decision, revenues fell from 357.4 billion lekë, which was in the initial budget to 353.3 billion lekë in the normative act. 

This change also affects administration employees who are not expected to get an increase on their pay wages for 2018.

With regard to investment funds, the government has not approved funding cuts, but only reallocated them from low performance projects to higher performing ones.

Recent budget changes are positive as they foresee a special amount for bonuses at the end of the year and the amount available is around 30 million dollars. 

Amendments approved by the government for this year's budget are expected to be discussed in September at the Assembly with the launch of the new session.

The budget revenue performance has been negative for the first six months of the year. According to the fiscal indicators of the Finance Ministry if a budget plan comparison is made, there is a lack of more than 7 billion lekë.