Students continued the boycott of instruction today by barricading themselves inside the university faculty. They demand the fulfillment of all their requirements which have been expressed through their banners.

Students say that their slogans and banners convey a clear message, not only the government, but also to citizens and classmates who have not yet joined their protest.

Today marks the 5th consecutive day inside the Faculty of Law where students have isolated themselves. 

The primary entry to the faculty has been obstructed by students with chairs and desks to prevent anyone from entry, and unlike other faculties where many students are able to attend their lessons, students say it has been impossible for them to enter the Faculty of Law where many have expressed their desire to continue learning. 

At the Faculty of Economics, the doors are now open. As of yesterday afternoon, protesters took the decision to allow entry in the main ingress of the University for those students who wish to attend class, but they have, however, not given up their tactic of isolation, instead, barricading themselves elsewhere within the faculty.

At the Faculty of Architecture, students spent the night locked inside the building and it is reported that have put blankets in the main hall where they continue to boycott.

Although, it is the 5th day of their isolation, there has been no reported clashes between students and state or private police forces but many students say that they have been threatened with anonymous phone calls not to participate in the protest.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister, Edi Rama, in a reaction to today's protest, stressed that two representatives from the Ministry of Finance and Education will be present in the administrative offices of the university.