In Korça, where the Civic Forum for Public Safety was held, Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj stressed that soon the Task Force will be hitting the criminal groups that operate all over the country. 

At the meeting with the residents, he stressed the necessity of co-operation between police and citizens, practices that, according to him, are common in EU countries.

"Organized crime affects national security, property and life, affects and hampers economic development, the social life of society and the image of the country.We are strongly committed. 

"We have undertaken a very concrete operation, the "Force of Law" operation. We have identified the criminal groups operating within and outside the country's territory. We have hit a part of them. 

"We have a series of important investigations with the Task Forces in cooperation with the Prosecution, to hit some more of these criminal groups very soon," said Fatmir Xhafaj.

Regarding the Vetting process among order forces, the minister said that there is an overwhelming majority of uncorrupt, honest police officers among the State Police. According to him, if law enforcement agencies are honest, the results will be concrete.

"This is exactly what will lead to the high expectations which will be followed by the proper punishment of all officials who have abused their power, or as some may call them, the "Big Fish". 

"There must be a net cast in order to catch the Big Fish, and the Police, the Prosecution and the Court are the ones that form the net. 

"Without these three it is not possible, because if one of them does not work, the entire system does not work." said Fatmir Xhafaj.