After reading the main points of the report providing the positive recommendation for Albania, the Ambassador of the European Union, Romana Vlahutin told Albanians that negotiations are a difficult process. 

For this reason Albania should remain cautious in the road ahead. To join the EU, Vlahutin reiterated that Albanians must achieve the required standards in legislation, behavior and results.

"You should be somewhat scared in a way, because it will be a very difficult and a very long road ahead. I think you have to get ready for this. 

"These are called negotiations but, in essence, there is nothing to negotiate. Better to refer to them as membership talks because you need to regulate not only with legislation but also in your behavior and results in achieving EU standards," explained Romana Vlahutin.

Regarding the 5 priorities, following a question by the SMI MP, Petrit Vasili, Vlahutin responded that these priorities will remain even after the country's EU membership.

"Absolutely they remain as priorities. They will be absolute priorities during the negotiations, but also after the country joins the EU," added Romana Vlahutin.

In his speech, Socialist MP, Bledi Çuçi praised the work of governments in the last 20 years, although according to him, the oppositions of this country during the period have not functioned properly.

"We are crowning the 20-years of government work, not that of the opposition," declared Çuçi.

MP of the Democratic Party, Enkelejd Alibeaj, said that the report is not so positive for Albania, citing crime and drugs, while Socialist MP Elisa Spiropali criticized the behavior of the opposition.

"Crime and drug trafficking have increased," exclaimed Enkelejd Alibeaj.

"The Opposition are racist to their own country," retorted Elisa Spiropali.

Ambassador Vlahutin responded also to the notion of some that the recommendation was given as a gift to Albania, with certain groups believing our country did not deserve it. Vlahutin had this say: 

"There are no gifts in this process. Please, do not think that you will receive any form gift from the EU at any step during the membership process. This is a process carried out with surgical precision according to the set regulations."