Clashes which began in Shkodër yesterday, after the police and the Central Election Commission refused to release the Commissions of Electoral Administration Zones premises following the President’s decree on the annulment of elections continued this Wednesday in the 26 municipalities that are headed by the opposition.

The worst of situations occurred in Burrel where citizens were faced with tear gas.

Opposition supporters had removed election materials from the Commissions of Electoral Administration Zones.

Even in Kamza, tear gas was used to disperse those who entered inside the court of the Commissions of Electoral Administration Zones, while a municipal policeman was transported to the hospital after sustaining injuries.

The deputy mayor of Kamza said they are there for the implementation of the President's decree calling for the cancellation of elections.

Meanwhile, in Paskuqan, similar reports detail damage to election materials and a physical confrontation with police forces.

A municipal policeman was injured in Kukës after his confrontation with state police.

Even in Pogradec, the same situation was witnessed where citizens and municipal police also had the support of former opposition MPs.

The deputy mayor of Pogradec said that they have until Thursday to release the premises of CEZAs.

In Mallakatër, Mayor Agron Kapllanaj, said that the public property was occupied by the establishment of the CEAZ.

In Delvina, the Rapid Intervention Force went to defend the Commissions of Electoral Administration Zones. And all in all, other tensions were also reported in Kavaja, Skrapar, Bilisht, Gjirokastër, and finally Berat.