The leader of the Democratic Party has responded to Prime Minister Edi Rama's statements that he is ready to work with Lulzim Basha on electoral reform.

The opposition leader said that Rama has received the opposition's plan for electoral law, urging Rama to implement it as, otherwise, Basha asserted that he would do it himself.

“This is not a personal issue for me nor an issue for Rama. Albania is in crisis. We have a plan to get the country out of crisis. We have a plan, a proposal, for electoral Reform.

“We have submitted this plan to Edi Rama and his representatives. Take it and implement it! If you can’t do it, we are ready to!” said DP leader, Basha.

Lulzim Basha’s allies, Fatmir Mediu of the Republican Party and Monika Kryemadhi of the Socialist Movement for Integration both declared the same position.

“It is unacceptable for a Prime Minister, but more so for the majority leader to continuously play word games.

“It is not a matter of drums anymore. It is extremely important to see the situation as it is, especially in the case of the country’s Prime Minister. It is important to look at the problems that Albania has and the problems today are on Rama’s side.

“We have already announced the bid for the electoral reform to the Socialist Party and to Rama himself, the bid for issues and problems that Albania must address to join the European Union has been clearly presented by the Budenstag and other European Union countries.

“There is a need to take responsibility and the main responsibility undoubtedly falls Rama,” said Fatmir Mediu.

“There can be no meeting with Rama without first responding to the package of 5-conditions that the opposition has put on the Prime Minister’s table.

“Today is the question of how to get the country out of crisis and we need to brainstorm together. Meanwhile Edi Rama has to resolve the problem in order to save his head,” declared Monika Kryemadhi.

But what does the Democratic Party plan for electoral reform include?

Democrat experts have listed 5 points that express the will for a full electoral reform, while saying that it can only be carried out by electoral subjects who have the will for free elections and not by individuals who are suspected of having committed electoral crimes.

In the Democrats' plan, the condition is that the reform should not be carried out by a Parliamentary Committee, but by a special structure with the participation of internationals.