The leader of the Democratic Party has declared an investigation into every MP and minister who has voted in favor of approving projects to build the Milot-Balldren and Orikum-Dukat roads.

Declaring it the biggest robbery of the century, Lulzim Basha said the anti-mafia law and SPAK will act to incriminate all those responsible. Stating:

“In these moments, just a few meters behind me in the assembly, the biggest robbery in the 30-year history of pluralism in this country is being decided; I'm am talking about the concession of the Milot-Balldren and Orikum-Dukat roads.

“The President's decree on the return of these two corrupt contracts is being rejected by corrupted politicians. This is theft by law.

“I would like to remind any member of the session who votes in favor of this kind of theft, that tomorrow, it will be subject to the Anti-mafia law.

“Today, we are watching you and recording your names because tomorrow we will follow every penny, every expense-- in Albania and abroad; even every property-- and your property will be in the grip of the anti-mafia law and SPAK. What is being voted on by the Republic's landfill today is theft by law.

Basha went on to accusations against Prime Minister Rama of being the main beneficiary of Albanian taxes abused under the PPP scheme.

“Dear citizens, the formula for stealing your money is very simple. The cost of road construction is sometimes inflated and all funds raised on the cost of road construction are stolen by Edi Rama, corrupt governors and their clients.

“Edi Rama is the biggest thief that Albania has ever known,” said Lulzim Basha.

Just a few days ago, the Economic and Finance Committee overthrew the President's decree on concessions and according to the Democratic Party, the estimated total value is over 320 million euros.