Chair of the DP, Lulzim Basha, spoke on behalf of his constituents while warning that government's behavior is bringing about a civil conflict to the country.

During his speech in front of media organization, Basha said that the government has failed, while calling it unacceptable to invoke a police intervention to prevent student-protests at universities. The leader of the opposition has now called upon the Prosecution to launch investigations into the matter.

The Democratic Party chair had a final call directed to Prime Minister, Edi Rama.

He stated: “You must immediately stop the repression of students in their lawful protest; stop the psychological and physical violence against them and stop the blockade where the protest took place.

“Any further delay of such actions will push the country into a civil conflict with unprecedented consequences,” exclaimed Luzim Basha.

During his speech in front of the media, he accused private companies of being contracted for road maintenance. 

He said the snowfall precipitations have proved that concessions were given only for profits and not to serve the people. While for the New Ring Road Project, he warned that the new tender is being manipulated.