The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha appeared before the media, calling on Prime Minister Edi Rama to resolve the political crisis and restore power to the countries citizens.

Basha, said the CDU/CSU resolution, is a testament of the government's failure, and if negotiations are not opened, the failure will be personal to the Prime Minister.

“I'd like to express my appreciation for the decision taken by the two German Bundestag parliamentary groups last night. I am relieved that there is now a final decision of “NO”.

“There are 9 conditions, including the resolution of the political crisis. The decision to add conditions and requirements reflects the failure of this government.

“This is reflected in the two new demands relating to the arrest and penal proceeding of all those involved in vote-buying, such as Files 184 and 339 and the establishment of the Constitutional Court to decide on the June 30th elections.

“The Democratic Party and the united opposition will do everything to open up negotiations for the country,” said Lulzim Basha.

Basha spoke about electoral reform while expressing the opposition’s readiness to be part of it, but as he said, this process cannot be carried out by a Parliamentary Committee which he described as illegitimate.

The Democratic Party wants a special structure, but Basha did not clarify if it would be a condition.

Regarding the political crisis, Basha spoke for the first time about the efforts of the internationals and said that in June it was the Prime Minister who refused the solution.

Participation at the table of reform justified the international commitment in resolving the crisis.

The leader of the opposition said that the Democratic Party is open to discussing changes in the electoral system.

Although the Democratic Party is out of Parliament, Basha said that when the internationals are guarantors, there is no obstacle to real electoral reform.

In a conversation with journalists, DP leader Basha was careful to repeat in almost every sentence that the opposition is committed to ending the crisis and that early local and parliamentary elections are the way in which the country can return to normal.