The tour continues today as the chair of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha continues his round of meetings with the citizens of Burrel. Today he invited them to become part of the February 16th protest while issuing a warning that a movement of resistance will continue until Rama leaves government.

During the meetings, the chair of the Democratic Party stressed that Albanian families are getting poorer and poorer by the policies enacted under Rama's government and also stressed that power cannot be in the hands of those who have stolen votes.

During his speech before citizens, Basha demanded that nobody leave the protest until the government has completely collapsed. Stating:

“Thanks to your union, which will be the greatest witness of the Albanian people, a new European standard will be established. Every government that comes into power after the 16th of February should maintain a healthy rapport with the people.

“Just as you have gathered here today, you also gathered in a great protest just a few days ago, all united to assemble in Tirana, with the justice of this popular cause in your hearts and with a determination not to leave without disabling the corrupt system that is making you increasingly poorer and stealing from you each and every day,”

“A new day is coming for each of you, and this is something you merit. Your destiny is in your hands. Let’s unite all together on February 16th!” stated Basha.