Democratic Party Chairman, Lulzim Basha, met with a delegation from the Democratic American Institute, led by Robert Benjamin.

During the meeting they shared the concern over the government's link with international drug trafficking, stating that the country's cannabis was a political project.

Basha said that linking politics with crime risks everything that Albania has achieved and destroys any possible reforms for the country's development.

According to Basha, an anti-mafia government is the only way to rescue the country and allow us to get out of this mafia situation.

Basha claims that this government has remained in power only because of buying votes with the money coming from its criminal activities.

The solution, according to Basha, is to ensure electoral reform is realized and that electronic voting and vote counting is implemented, bringing Albanian elections in line with European Standards.

The opposition leader raised further concerns about the use of dirty money in the campaign.

Basha claims that there is evidence, acquired through the Italian Anti-Mafia wire-tap investigations on the Habilaj case, that Saimir Tahiri spent 20m Euros on the campaign.

The US Delegation is in Albania to provide assistance to political parties for transparency, management and financial oversight.

Representatives of the American Democratic Institute, considered the situation in Albania worrying and showed readiness to give support by adapting best practices as determined from international experience.