Even after the publication of the Venice Commission draft opinion, there is no doubt for the majority that President Ilir Meta has violated the Constitution by annulling the decree on the June 30 election.

In an interview for Ora News, the leader of the Socialist Party's parliamentary group, Taulant Balla, says he will be present at the Venice Commission's plenary session to explain what he interprets as constitutional violations by the Head of State.

Regarsing statements made by Ilir Meta that the "Lion of Venice" is not afraid of the Venice Commission; Taulant Balla gave him friendly advice as a former Socialist Party ally.

“Give up from the violation or the negative attitudes towards the internationally accepted institutions as impartial.”

On the other hand, the Socialist Party will not consider the Democratic Party's proposal for a new structure for electoral reform, not even the demand of the new opposition to change the system.

“The DP is used to setting conditions that it does not even understand. Today, Albania has an obligation to comply with the ODIHR recommendations. Issues related to the electoral system have nothing to do with Albania's European path,” said Balla.

Taulant Balla is convinced that the first phase conditions set by the German Bundestag will become a reality within 2019.

“Our Independence Day will find us with at least 5 members in the Constitutional Court, which is the quorum needed for the functionality of this court,” declared Balla.

For skeptical countries such as France and the Netherlands, the SP calls on the EU to take responsibility for Albania and North Macedonia, as it says integration should not remain hostage to internal problems.

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