Socialist Party Secretary-General, Taulant Balla again ruled out early elections today.

As soon as the Congress convened for the SP Presidency, which focused on the organizational issues of this party, Balla commented:

"At the party Congress we will adopt an agenda of the SP's political activity. This year the agenda ends on June 30, 2021, the deadline for us to hold parliamentary elections."

For the municipalities that were left without mayors, he again appealed to Meta to wake up and respect the Constitution.

“The President has been and remains in disregard of his constitutional duties. The prefects of the districts were informed about the vacancy created. The President must begin respecting the Constitution.”

Asked by Ora News what is happening to Shkodra and why the SP has not yet been able to elect the branch president, Balla replied:

“From the party structures we have received a number of candidacies representing worthy people from Shkodra and our party structure.
We are currently discussing this matter and soon we will have elected a SP leader.”