Bad weather with wind storms and heavy rainfall are causing problems in coastal cities! In Durrës and Vlora, work in the fishing sectors has been suspended, while Italian ferries are suffering delays of over 7 hours!

In Vlora, the flooding has also creating difficulties in movement on land and as a result of the strong wind, there has been damage in the city and in some areas there is no electricity.

Movement on the main coastal roads remains difficult. The storm has caused damage to businesses, breaking glass mostly on the boulevard of the city and there is also a risk of some trees falling.

Meanwhile, the current is at 6 kniots in the bay and 8 in the open sea!

As of yesterday, fishing and other small boats have been suspended from being allowed out to sea.

Meanwhile the Vlorë-Brindisi ferry waits in the queue in anticipation of a calming in the situation to allow its journey towards Italy to begin.

Consequently, in some areas of the city there are difficulties in pedestrian and car traffic.

The bad weather that has enveloped our country has also caused Italy problems, some of which are felt at the Port of Durrës!

The three ferries scheduled for yesterday evening set off to Italy after an 8-hour delay, and delays are also expected from Bari ferries.

According to the Captain, the sea current in the bay of Durrës is reaching up to eight knots in the open sea, while the wind is measuring over 70 km/h!

In these conditions, the release of small and medium tonnage vessels has been suspended.

In the city of Durrës, there were no problems!

Meanwhile, in Saranda, bad weather caused a cruise ship full of tourists to be held up.

Heavy rainfall caused flooding in some road segments in Fier.

In a block of buildings in the center of Fier, residents have become trapped due to the water that has flooded the entrances of the building.

Problems have also occurred in other cities, but with no serious consequences.