The court of Tirana has begun hearing the "Babale" issue, relating to the defendants of former DP MP, Ervin Salianji, Fredi Alizoti, Albert Veliu and Jetmir Olldashi on the charge of 'False denunciation'.

Despite being a person who has faced more lawsuits than any other politician, the Former MP of the Democratic Party, Ervin Salianji, declared this Friday that he will not accept any compromise with evil.

This declaration came shortly before Salianji entered the Prosecution. He is accused of defamation against the former Interior Minister, Fatmir Xhafaj, regarding the "Babale" case.

“I am here, convinced and trustful, because the time has come for the rule of law to be at least as powerful as organized crime,” said Salianji.

The “Babale” case involves the former Minister of Interior Fatmir Xhafaj's brother, Agron Xhafaj. Some audio tappings were released to the media which claimed that the Minister's brother was engaged in drug dealings.

But, the tappings were determined to be fake.

For this reason, Salianji, together with Albert Veliu (known also as Babale), Fredi Alizoti (the person suspected of acting as Agron Xhafaj), and Jetmir Olldashi (the journalist who filmed the phone conversation between Veliu and the supposed Minister's brother), are accused of defamation.

During the session, Fredi Alizoti has requested a shortened trial, while Salianji, Albert Veliu and Jetmir Olldashi have asked for the trial to be dismissed.

Out of court, Salinaj accused prosecutors of being on the side of the trafficker who is serving the sentence.

The former Democrat MP calls on the Prosecution to arrest the two police directors, Andon Marku and Alfred Nushi, for false testimony.

The Democratic Party chair, Lulzim Basha reacted to this case, considering it a scandal, while issuing a warning for judges and prosecutors.

“I want to make it clear to Kastriot Gramshi and the two prosecutors that they will not pass Vetting based on these unconscionable acts they have undertaken,” expressed Basha.

The chair of the Democratic Party stated today that the judge and the 2 prosecutors are burying the criminal file instead of investigating the accused and that they are sending the denouncer of the crime to the court.