Prime Minister Edi Rama commented from the United States on Wednesday at a roundtable meeting on Electoral Reform.

Rama stated that it should not take long to find the culprit and that all attention should be paid to accelerate the EU integration process.

“We will accelerate the process and maybe divide it into two parts. The first part consists of fulfilling this condition and guaranteeing an electoral law that meets all ODSE/ODHIR recommendations.

“The second part is to give ourselves time to discuss any other aspects.

“We will listen respectfully to all contributions and ideas. We are the majority, we have our own ideas.

“Albania needs to proceed with the filling of vacancies as a result of the clearing that has been done to the justice system in the constitutionally designated organs of the system and the OSCE/ODHIR recommendations. Both are indispensable,” said Edi Rama.

After meeting with US President Donald Trump, the Prime Minister said the US president felt that Albania was doing well.

“We had a short conversation due to the format, but it was nice enough to understand that the relationship is great and encouraging.

“To hear from the President himself that “Albania is doing pretty good” is a pleasure,” expressed Rama.

Prime Minister Edi Rama has announced a meeting with the Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev and Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic. At the meeting, Rama says they will discuss the removal of borders between the two countries.

“I have stated earlier, and for this I have received accusations because everyone has heard about the idea of removing the border between Albania and Kosovo, which for me remains a priority of very special importance but it must be seen in a wider context.

“We have been given the opportunity to meet together with the President of Serbia and the Prime Minister of Macedonia and have agreed to gather soon to discuss an important step of cooperation between the three countries that is not exclusive to other countries. Rather it is a step to encourage others to cooperate.

“For me, this step is of great importance if, under this potential agreement, it deals with the removal of borders--the removal of borders for people, for goods, and for large investors.

“It is clear that to invest in our region we require a much larger market rather than the small markets of each country separately.

We have an understanding that this is the moment to take things further. Together we can do much more as a region to boost the economy and improve people's well-being,” said Prime Minister Edi Rama.