“Unbalanced and contradictory!”

This is how President Meta assessed the draft opinion of the Venice Commission regarding the legality of the decision of the Head of State to annul his decree for the June 30 elections.

In a letter directed to the Chair of the Venice Commission, the President announced that the 8 questions of the Assembly trapped representatives of the Venice Commission.

The project opinion is often contradictory, with diametrically opposing statements on the same issue.

There is an impression that the experts of the Venice Commission have been a guided by some fixed ideas, making the facts and analysis inconsistent with the conclusions of the draft opinion.

The inevitability and impossibility of a complete fact-finding process that testifies to the profound and widespread extent of the political crisis in Albania leads to an erroneous assessment of the legal situation.

For Ilir Meta, the draft opinion draws some conclusions that go beyond the Venice Commission's mandate by focusing on the court and the OSCE/ODIHR.

“In some issues, experts have overstepped their advisory powers, impersonating themselves as judges.

“They have also gone beyond the scope of their work by interfering with the competencies and evaluation of the OSCE/ODHIR, the highest institution authorized to monitor and handle electoral matters.

“The assessment of the degree of risk in Albania by limiting itself to the truncated confrontation of public authorities' statements is unprofessional and outside the scope of the Venice Commission's expert work," states the letter.

The ambiguity of the draft opinion, according to the Head of State, allowed all parties to interpret according to political interests.

“This project-opinion rekindled political polarization just when the parties restored a bridge of dialogue. The draft opinion and the way it is built threaten to set a problematic precedent for a democratic social order," the letter continues.

In addition to answering the Venice Commission’s draft opinion, President Meta has also sent 10 questions to the Venice Commission Chair about the President's constitutional duties. While from Lezha he once again expressed that he has defended the Constitution and democracy.

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