For his contribution to the progress of bilateral relations, as well as for support in the process of Euro-Atlantic integration of the country, the former American Diplomat Alexander Arvizu has been awarded with the title of "Special Civil Merit".

The title was given by President Ilir Meta at a Ceremony attended by various personalities of the diplomatic corps, Former Presidents, politicians, as well as business and media representatives.

The Former United States Ambassador expressed gratitude for the assessment by President Meta, as well as assuring that he will continue to promote the best values of Albania.

The former American diplomat gave a speech, where he commented on a T-shirt slogan he observed during a republican rally, which depicted "Better to be Russian than a Democrat". 

He suggested that such a slogan aimed to demonize Russia, an idea which was not in line with the political dynamics of the United States. He added that such attitudes hurt him and his efforts to help Americans improve their country. 

He raised such sentiments to draw a parallel to the efforts of Albanians in trying to build Albania, a country which he evaluated as being unlike any other place in the world. 

The Former Ambassador, Alexander Arvizu closed his speech by asking for trust in the United States, declaring that the United States believes in Albania.