23 individuals were arrested yesterday, following the acts of violence which occurred during the protest against the tariff imposed for travelling the National Highway. 

They arrested protested are required to appear in front of Kukës Court on Tuesday to for the decision regarding their security measures.

During the course of today, the investigation team, which is composed of two prosecutors and three officers of the Kukës judicial police, began investigating the event.

They arrived in Tirana, where they interrogated the protesters at the premises of the Tirana Police Directorate and as well as a number of police stations were the accused are being held. 

The detainees are accused by the prosecution of charges of property destruction, arson and refusing to follow the orders of a public service employee.

The court will assess the prosecution's arrest warrants to determine if they are legitimate or not. 

Most of the protesters, 13 of them in fact, are held at the Police Directorate of Tirana while the others are spread across different police stations of Tirana. 

Meanwhile, since yesterday evening, civil society activists have protested until late at night in front of the capital's police directorate. 

Police have initiated criminal proceedings against them declaring it an illegal activity. 

/Ora News.tv/