Prime Minister Edi Rama announced that work for the construction of the Arber Road will begin within May. 

From Lezha, where he talked about infrastructure projects, the head of the government said the work will not be interrupted until the total completion of the road.

"We will start work on the Arbër Road within the month. Once it starts, it will not stop until the strategic axis of that road is finally completed. 

"This road will make Dibra an integrated area with Tirana, and on the other hand, will open up a great potential for the development of agritourism for the whole area connecting Tirana with Dibra," announced Edi Rama.

Also, the Shengjin-Velipoja segment is expected to be part of the interventions in the Lezha district. This segment is also considered potentially valuable for tourism growth.

"The strategic road at Shengjin-Velipoja is a priority axis because it opens a new space with tremendous potential for tourism development and shortens the time of arrival to key destinations," said Edi Rama.

Rama was in Lezha for two days, as a part of the "accountability tour" to the citizens, having passed through several cities so far.