According to the former Head of the Central Election Commission, Kristaq Kume, the decision by the Court of Durrës refusing to give the mandate to the Socialist Mayor, Valbona Sako, is as per the rule of law.

Meanwhile, regarding the mandate of Vora's Mayor for Agim Kajmaku, Kume says that the Administrative Court cannot decide on such issues, therefore the case should go to the relevant court. However, in this case the High Court's malfunction will cause a deadlock on the issue.

In response to the Socialists, Kume said that the distribution of mandates by the Court is not a ceremonial act, but an obligation predetermined by law, and as such should be respected until the end, even in cases when the courts decide against the majority.

The former head of the Central Election Commission said that the crisis can only be solved through constitutional interventions and deep legal reforms.