The European Union has increased the pressure on Albanian politics to adopt Electoral reform. The European Union Ambassador, Luigi Soreca and the Head of the OSCE, Bernd Borchardt, meet in the office of Lulzim Basha to demand his return to Parliament and a contribution to Electoral law.

Soreca stated: “The opposition belongs to Parliament and this is a constant demand that we have made to the opposition. We hope that the opposition will be back in Parliament as they were in December.

“The objective is to finalize the work done, included in the document and joint proposals that have been recommended by both the OSCE and ODIHR.”

Meanwhile the OSCE ambassador spoke briefly with a clear message to parliament.

“Time is getting closer. There are still ways to move forward,” he stated.

The head of the European Union delegation for Albania, Luigi Soreca, said the meeting with Basha is among many other meetings with political representatives and that Electoral Reform remains a priority for opening up negotiations.

He expressed that he is talking about all parties within Albanian politics and that he and other officials have not, and will not, stop requesting respective parties to complete their duties in the sense of fulfilling each of their responsibilities.