Prime Minister Edi Rama defended his idea of the anti-defamation package, saying it results in jail sentences in the 25 European Union countries.

After reactions in opposition of his proposed package against defamation, Rama said on Twitter that "half- turkeys, which have made a political and media career shamelessly, do not even deserve a prison soup!

“They will simply pay for everything they have said," Rama declared.

The Prime Minister's reaction came after statements made by the leader of the Socialist Movement for Integration Parliamentary group Petrit Vasili.

The latter said this pack is a mix between masquerade and idiocy.

“The anti-defamation package is a very special mix between masquerade and idiocy, a union that embodies only the prime minister, the amalgam between the masquerade and the idiot,” said Petrit Vasili.

The chair of the group praised President Ilir Meta's decision to return the theater law to the Assembly.

Vasili said at a press release that it is a ray of hope that the Constitution and the laws of this country are respected by an institution that does not have such disgraceful interests as the government has.

The head of the Socialist Movement of Integration group said that while Democratic Party chair Lulzim Basha is called to justice in a hurry, the Prime Minister of Albania enjoys all the privileges of an untouchable person, regardless of his crimes.