The Democratic Party, in consultation with its allies, has for days been working on a platform for free and fair elections, including on Electoral Reform.

It remains unclear where this document will be submitted given that the majority is determined to organize the work only within the Special Reform Commission, which is illegal for the Democratic Party.

But allies of Lulzim Basha think differently as they suggest that the opposition should participate in a meeting of the Electoral Reform Commission, called to take place on Thursday.

Dashamir Shehi says that the roadmap for the Electoral Reform process should not only follow the OSCE recommendations, but also the 9 conditions of the German Bundestag.

While the majority's idea that Electoral Reform should go through two phases, the Republican Party chair, Fatmir Mediu calls it nonsense.

But beyond the call of its allies, the Democratic Party remains firmly in its position.

“The Democratic Party and the opposition remain in the public position announced at a table organized by the OSCE.

 “We are ready to contribute to Electoral Reform in a transparent, inclusive and fully equitable way with the other party. This is not guaranteed by the illegitimate Electoral Reform Commission,” said Fatmir Mediu.