The Democratic Party's allied parties the Republican Party (PR), the Movement for National Development (LZHK), the Human Rights Union Party (PBDNJ) and the Environmental Party (PAA), as well as Demochristian Party (PDK), have presented a joint statement depicting the articles of their agreement.

They noted that they consider the agreement a solution to the political crisis.

In the 12-article political platform, the allies of the Democratic Party call for changes to the electoral code as well as addressing the President, Ilir Meta, when the ask to bring the parties together in order to discuss the country's situation.

The platform proposes an amendment to the constitution by defining a transitional political situation for a 15 year period, during which a Transitional Government will be appointed 6 months prior to each elections.

The amendment also defines by law its form, representation criteria and its duties.

Furthermore they seek the election of the President of the Republic directly by the people rather than by the majority, limitations on the mandates for the Prime Minister and MPs.

Another point raised is the introduction of a bilateral parliamentary system consisting of a Senate and a House of Representatives.

The Senate will be tasked with exercising some of the duties and powers currently assigned to the Constitutional Court and another part of the Constitutional Court's powers will pass to the High Court.

They also seek revision of the Administrative Reform to bring local government close to and in the service of people, rather than only in large urban centers.

The head of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu, declared that he trusted that the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, will resolve the political crisis, as currently efforts for dialogue between the parties remain 'stagnant'.

The DP allied parties said their condition for entering elections is to create a transitional government without Edi Rama as prime minister. As they presented their platform, they said the collapse of unity is leading the country towards conflict.

Democratic Party chair, Lulzim Basha declared that he is in full harmony with his allies and that a meeting will be held tomorrow with President Meta about the political crisis.

And, while the latter asked for a political table between him and Rama as chair of the Socialist Party, Basha reiterated that the main condition remains the removal of the Prime Minister and the creation of a transitional government.

“There is no discrepancy between the views of the Democratic Party and those in our coalition.

“The Democratic Party last week completed a detailed document regarding the tasks of the transitional government and will present this in the coming days.

“We have discussed it with our allies and a good part of the points that the allies have disclosed today are the points of our program. There is a total consistency.

“The opposition coalition is working with full cooperation, understanding and synergy to move forward. Other issues are trivial details.

“The most important point is the pledge of the entire opposition coalition, which is today the new political, numerical and moral majority in the country.

“It is the sacrifice to register for elections and participate in elections only if there are real elections.

“The condition for this remains the removal of Edi Rama and his government to allow for the appointment of transitional government that will meet the outlined conditions, for which you will have more information in the coming days,” said Basha.