The European Commission has predicted Albania's economic performance to grow over the next two years.

The latest report analyzes the economic performance of the countries aspiring to join the European Union, with projections for Albania's economic growth at 3.8% for this year and 4.2% for 2019.

The European Commission's expectations are much aligned with the predictions by the Albanian Government; though differ greatly from the forecasts by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, who both have more pessimistic outlooks.

The EC projections are 0.7 percentage points above those of the World Bank, who is the most pessimistic institution in terms of the expectations of Albania's economic growth and this is directly related to the completion of foreign investment in the country.

The EC report states that their predictions are based on the government successfully increasing the elasticity and competitiveness of the economy by strengthening the financial system and maintaining fiscal discipline.

Despite the positive expectations, the European Commission does note that the Albanian economy slowed in the third quarter of the year.

Among other things, the report notes that obtaining credit from financial institutions in order to support the economy still remains difficult due to the country's credit climate, despite the fact the level of bad debt has decreased significantly.