Albanian business sympathizes with the company tasked with maintaining the National Highway, opposing the violence exercised at Saturday's protest. 

The head of the Chamber of Commerce, Nikolin Jaka said that there are no oligarchs in Albania, but entrepreneurs who have worked regardless of the political class. 

According to him, the protest was the most negative presentation of the business climate in Albania and will have negative effects on foreign investment.

"We condemn any acts of vandalism that destroy entrepreneurs' property. Entrepreneurs who invest here are not oligarchs," said Nikolin Jaka.

Regarding the impact that the tariff will have on trade with Kosovo, the head of the Chamber of Commerce said they were discussing with the company to lower the tariff for those who frequent this road more often.

"Discussion space for tax reduction, but after 6 months of implementation," said Nikolin Jaka.

Union of Chambers of Commerce Chair, Ines Muçostepa said the damage from the protest was around 7m Euros, while the investment made so far amounts to 15 million Euros in total.

"We oppose any act of violence against any entrepreneur." said Ines Mucostepa.

Farruk Kaba, who knows the infrastructure of the country very well, said that there are alternatives for the passage of residents of Kukës and that the fee is indispensable at a time when maintenance is estimated to up to 260m Euros.

"It is not true that there are no alternative paths for transport," said Farruk Kaba.

The payment for crossing the National Hwy started a few days ago, while the tariff for this road was implemented as the state budget cannot afford the maintenance of the highway.