Ditmir Bushati and Nikos Kotzias started their three-day meeting today, in search of the ultimate solution for issues affecting Greek-Albanian relations.

The talks, that are expected to last until January 21st, are being held in a small private hotel in the southeastern city.

Transcripts of the discussions are expected to be made available to members of the official delegations from Tirana and Athens.

No one has been allowed to penetrate the hotel's high surrounding walls, but reliable sources have made it known that the format of the talks will be similar to that of Crete in Greece, with the two ministers head-to-head and delegations face-to-face.

Maritime agreement, the issue of the law of war, property issues, which directly relates to Albania on to the 'Çameria' issue, and the cemetery of Greek soldiers will be the topics raised during the meetings.

On the eve of the meeting, the two counterparts, Ditmir Bushati and Nikos Kotzias, expressed optimism for reaching an agreement at the end of this negotiating process between the two states.

/Ora News.tv/