The Albanian Parliament is among the first parliaments around the world to ratify the North Atlantic Treaty Protocol for the accession of the Republic of North Macedonia in NATO.

After one minute of silence for the victims of the tragic accident in Macedonia and after the debates on domestic politics with the incident between Democratic MP Edi Paloka and Prime Minister Edi Rama, Parliament unanimously approved the protocol for membership of the Republic of North Macedonia in NATO.

In the speech held before Albanian deputies, the Speaker of North Macedonia's parliament, Talat Xhaferri, said that the path up to this moment has been difficult, but politicians chose a safe future. Stating:

“We did not hesitate at any moment, because our citizens deserve to be happy with equal European rights and standards.

Prime Minister Edi Rama described a common achievement between Albania and the North Macedonians, saying:

“Without the Albanians there would be no North Macedonia. If today's situation in North Macedonia is better than ever before, then it can be dedicated to the constructive role of the Albanian leadership and the courageous leadership of Zoran Zaev,”

On his part, the chair of the Democratic Party, Luzim Basha, said that the political factor in the neighboring country shows vision and prudence, stating:

“It is a great merit of all the political factors of our neighbor, in addition to the Albanian political factor, which has never stumbled from its priorities.”

Pёrktheu: Paola Pupla