Today is the 106th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of Albania, however is a day marked by divisions in politics.

In Vlora, an activity was organized in celebration of the occasion of November 28. 

Senior state officials were present including President Meta, Parliamentary Speaker Gramoz Ruçi and Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Also in attendance, the Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo spoke of Vlora as a kind of pilgrimage city for Albanians.

Meanwhile, from the Cemetery for the Nation's Martyrs, the Democratic Party commemorated the Independence and Liberation of the country.

Lulzim Basha invited Albanians to be united in order to secure what he referred to as 'undeniable freedom'.

In the center of Tirana, the Albanian flag was raised by Mayor Erion Veliaj.

The Mayor used this day to express his determination to move on with development projects for Tirana, referring to the Outer Ring.

"Today we need to have progress. We are more determined than ever to continue the project of modernizing Tirana. Tirana will have an Outer Ring Rd in order to spare the citizens from the horrendous traffic," said Erion Veliaj.

Words of well-wishes for the Albanian celebration of Independence Day were given by the United States Embassy, the European Union Ambassador Luigi Soreca as well as other diplomats and Embassies.

Additionally Knut Fleckenstein further attested to his commitment in supporting Albania in the European Integration process in commemoration of the 106th anniversary of Albania's Independence.

Pёrktheu: Paola Pupla