In the second quarter of 2019, Albania, according to Eurostat, occupies the 5th place for the number of asylum seekers deriving from all EU countries.

During this period, a total of 5,440 asylum applications were processed. From these, 380 have been granted with the right to stay in an EU country, while 5,060 have been rejected.

Albanians hold first place in Ireland for the number of asylum seekers with 255 applications.

French President, Emanuel Macron raised concerns over the high number of asylum seekers, especially relating to young Albanians. Eurostat ranked Albania in third position for asylum applications in France, as well as in Britain.

Meanwhile, in Iceland and Luxembourg, Albanians are 4th in line. Italy is also on the list, where Albanian asylum seekers are ranked 5th.

Given that our country is listed as a safe country for residence and the asylum refusals are significant, many may wonder why Albanians would attempt to seek asylum in EU countries in the first place.

Sociologist Blerina Hamzallari explains that Albanians generally have two main reasons for attempting asylum abroad - uncertainty about the future and the demand for better conditions.

This suggests that Albanian asylum seekers are generally doing so for economic reasons rather than because there is any kind of threat to their life or safety.

According to sociologists, cases where migrants go abroad to a country without a clear idea of how they will build a life there are more likely to be returned to the country of origin.