Prime Minister Edi Rama met with citizens of Vlora, where he presented the projects for this city.

He especially focused on the airport building, stressing that it will give a great boost to economic development not only in this area, but across all of Albania.

Rama said that about a thousand people will be employed for this project alone. He also advised that it will offer flights at the most competitive rates in the region.

"In the coming months we will start building Vlora Airport. The airport itself requires a workforce of over 1000 staff.

"We have requested and are on the right to conclude negotiations to have Vlora Airport built and to make it an airport with the lowest tariffs in the region," said Edi Rama.

In addition to passenger transit, Rama said there is also a demand for cargo.

"We want an airport to process goods, not just passengers. These are our requirements," said Edi Rama.

Speaking of employment in the country, Prime Minister Rama said that looking only at the period March-May 2018 10,000 new appointments were made.

Regarding salaries and informality, he had a warning for companies.

"41% of employees in large companies are paid 30,000 lekë. This is a lie, not true. There are no economists, financiers, engineers and others in this category that work in large companies and are paid at 30,000 lekë.

"The truth is that companies register them with a salary 30,000 lekë to avoid taxes," said Edi Rama.

In Vlora, the Prime Minister, Edi Rama, was received amid protests organized by the Democratic Party, where the citizens held up a poster reading, "Edi Rama is the Big Fish."

Protesters tried to become part of the event organized by Prime Minister but were denied entry by both the Guard and Police.