The Democratic Party has released an audio tapping purportedly exposing Agron Xhafaj.

Following the charges that have been made against the Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj's brother, the DP issued a special release for the media containing a video file.

According to the MPs from the DP, Agron Xhafaj is talking to a person implicated in narcotics trafficking.

The blue headquarters does not say when the conversation occurred, but has accused that the second person is a collaborator who has already been sentenced to prison.

However, the Socialists have raised their suspicions that the audio denouncement published by the Democratic Party for the Interior Minister's brother may not be authentic.

The Socialist Party Parliamentary Group Chairman Taulant Balla, during a media statement, called on the Prosecution to investigate audio interception.

He added that if the evidence is found to be real, Fatmir Xhafaj should face justice and in the opposite case, the denouncer should be made to take responsibility.

"The Democratic Party claims that the audio material is authentic. If that is the case, then Agron Xhafaj is implicated.

"But is it authentic evidence or just the next "fraud" in an effort to block the opening of negotiations and to block the new justice system?" suggested Taulant Balla.

According to Balla, no one is above the law, and all this is being done to prevent the justice reform.

"The prosecution should not leave the issue to the accusers, but instead start investigating. For us, no one is above the law. The prosecution should not miss a minute. We are looking forward to learning the truth," said Taulant Balla.