Yet again, the Opposition has blocked the parliamentary session, with Lulzim Basha kidnapping the podium for1 hour and 30 minutes, declaring that Germany has already determined that Albania has not met the conditions for opening negotiations. 

Basha said that for this was announced at a dinner held last Tuesday, which Prime Minister Edi Rama confirmed, he did attend. 

Meanwhile, Taulant Balla declared that the German government supports Albania, despite Basha's attempts at lobbying against his own country. 

The opposition refused to allow any MP to talk about draft laws on the agenda. As such, Parliamentary Speaker, Gramoz Ruci, was forced to suspend the session twice. 

Seemingly frustrated with the situation, MP of the Socialist Movement for Integration, Luan Rama, implied that he is dissatisfied not only about the way the assembly is heading, but also the behavior of Lulzim Basha.

Chair of the SMI's Parliamentary Group, Petrit Vasili, shared a similar sentiment. 

Given that the conditions made discussion impossible, the majority moved to the ballots for the draft laws.

In a surprising move of defiance against their party's stance, SMI MPs Nasip Naco and Edmond Haxhinasto also decided to participate in the vote.