The Higher Education Law obliges each university to undergo institutional accreditation and the accreditation of study programs before the issuance of first diplomas.

But despite the fact that every year thousands of students get a diploma, a large part of public universities have not yet certified the quality of their study programs.

Higher Education Quality Assurance Agency Director, Elvin Gjevori says this process has been moving rapidly at private universities.

“We are in the process of accrediting some of the study programs of the Agricultural University of Tirana, about 16 programs.

“Also, the University " Aleksandër Moisiu" of Durrës is in the process of accrediting some study programs.

“The University of Sports will start a little later and we are also in discussion with Fan Noli University in Korça,” said Elvin Gjevori.

The most frequented universities with the highest number of students, such as Tirana University, Polytechnic University or the University of Medicine have not yet begun the process.

“For Universities with a higher number of students it is a more complicated process, as there are some instruments and mechanisms that need to be coordinated at the same time, but the contacts I have had with the leaders of the institutions show that they are increasingly aware of the need for the accreditation process to be undertaken,” said Gjevori.

Apart the lack of will, one of the reasons that public universities do not undertake accreditation of study programs is also the financial cost.