Under the framework of the Government's Accountability Tour of Government titled "Work for the Albania We Want", Ministers Damian Gjiknuri and Niko Peleshi held a public hearing with residents of Tepelena.

In his speech, Infrastructure and Energy Minister Damian Gjiknuri said he is focused on investment projects in the road network, referring specifically to the Tepelena Bypass, that will begin construction in autumn, and the road Kardhiq-Delvina.

"We have made some commitments for the Gjirokastra Region and for the people of Tepelena and we will make them a reality. We are making many investments and Tepelena is being transformed. 

"We have also opened a procedure to solve the Tepelena bypass. It will be a huge investment that will also create opportunities for work in this area. The investments for this work stands at 18million Euros. 

"We will soon begin work on the Kardhiq-Delvina road. 

"So, this will also be a good opportunity for people here to communicate as the ease of movement towards Saranda will definitely bring economic development for this area and the positive economic impact will spread further," outlined Damian Gjiknuri.

Meanwhile, the Agriculture and Rural Development Minister, Niko Peleshi expressed his optimism about the progress of the support schemes for farmers of the Gjirokastra District.

"For the district of Gjirokastra, all those who have applied from the schemes have benefited. 

"The only exception is the project for irrigation, for which we determined that an extremely large interest was required and therefore, next time we will increase the available funds," explained Niko Peleshi.

Further, Minister Peleshi focused on reforming the veterinary service with a draft law ready to go to Parliament.

"We have almost made a law, and I believe in July it will be brought to Parliament to pave the way for reforming the veterinary service. The National Food Authority will control the products quality from the farm to the store. 

"Meanwhile, we aim to have at least one veterinary service for each administrative unit, with at least one veterinarian employed at each site," said Niko Peleshi.

Meanwhile, Peleshi said the government is also supporting the promotion of agro-tourism to improve the prospects of employment and also to keep farmers in work.

In addition, the Foreign Affairs Minister Ditmir Bushati, during a meeting with residents of the Puka Municipality, asked the elected local officials to be at the right height of their duty in service to the citizens.

"You have taken the votes on the basis of committing to serve the citizens," demanded Ditmir Bushati.

During the Accountability Tour, he discussed the problems and concerns with residents of the area, which mainly related to employment and social assistance.

The political leader of the district, Bushati, also focused on the economic aid. He stressed that there are persons who have been unjustly penalized by the refusal, and confirmed the issue is being treated with priority by the relevant institutions.

In conclusion, Bushati announced that the government has clear plans for the development of this area.

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