Infrastructure and Energy Minister Damian Gjiknuri visited Vlora as part of the government's accountability tour, from where he responded to the accusations of the opposition.

In his speech, Minister Gjiknuri said the European Commission has already given a positive assessment of the negotiation process, thus turning June into a key moment in time.

According to him, the knowledge that the path to Europe is progressing well is the cause of the opposition launching what he calls a slander campaign.

"Knowing this, the Democratic Party have thrown themselves into a frontal attack.

"Seeing they have no hope to convince Albanian citizens of their alternative, they have launched a campaign of slanderous, denigrating attacks on the government.

"They started with the former Interior Minister; then continued with the current Interior Minister, and now they are attacking me too.

"So if you look, those people attack all Ministers and MPs of the Socialist Party, all the people with electoral weight that have contributed to the victory of the SP," stated Damian Gjiknuri.

The purpose of the Democratic Party according to Gjiknuri is simply to create a situation to slander foreigners with the sole purpose of sabotaging the integration process.

"Sabotage of this process means less investment for Albanian citizens. Their purpose is to leave the citizens in a difficult situation and the Albanian government with few economic opportunities," said Damian Gjiknuri.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy said that the majority has the commitment to continue the reforms and that, in June, EU countries will give their positive vote for Albania.