During the Accountability Tour, Rama spoke about the new development projects for Berat.

The Prime Minister emphasized that tourism has the potential to bring enormous economic growth to this city.

"We have an extraordinary increase in the value of real estate as the result of an increase in the value of the demand tomake use of this asset which comes directly from the fact that there is a significant transformation throughout the area and especially in this city that is bringing tourists.

"From 13 000 tourists in 2013, there were 74 000 tourists last year. This year, the goal is to reach 100 000 tourists.

"This means more economy, business, employment opportunities and more investment, not just in the private sector but also in the government and municipalities," said Edi Rama.

Also, Rama said that a support fund will be created for all people who want to get out of poverty through agrotourism.

"We will create a fund for all those who say they want to get themselves out of poverty, unemployment and want to transform their home through agro tourism or turn their micro farm into a function of agro tourism.

"We will build processes that will deliver more positive economic data in the future," said Edi Rama.

Speaking of the job fair, Rama stressed that 10 000 people have employed at a national level, while the final target is to see 25 000 people employed by the end of the year.

Pёrktheu: Sabina Doma

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