About 70% of Albanians are concerned about road accidents.

The World Bank has made an observation that has resulted that the three major factors causing accidents in our country are speeding, driving whilst under the influence of illegal substances and lack of vehicle maintenance. Furthermore, the respect of road signs remains a concern.

Changing the behavior of citizens or vehicle drivers is difficult, even though road accidents remain one of the three main societal concerns.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that 25% of drivers do not wears seatbelts, 52% do not stop before the white lines and 34% allow children in the front seat.

Police director, Mitat Tola, stated that these concerns are real and the opportunity to solve them must be discussed.

According to World Bank data, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists who do not use their dedicated lanes continue to be problematic, are a becoming a greater source of accidents.

/Ora News.tv/