6 members of the Ad Hoc Commission at the Academy of Science have prepared the first draft of proposals for the science academy reform.

The Academics urgently seek to dialogue with the government to adapt the structure of the academy according to the requirements and priorities of scientific research.

Academics seek to expand their network of world institutions and arrange a joint venture with Kosovo's academy for solving common problems.

In the draft reform that sets out some of the proposals for rebuilding the institution in order to realign it to its core values, the academics propose changes to procedures for accepting candidates by setting stronger criteria.

Academics also evaluate the creation of a new generation of Academics in order to curb the departure of Albanian excellence.


It's also been proposed to introduce a mentor program utilizing prominent researchers.

According to Academics, scouting of candidates should start from university auditors and with reward and recognition being offered as a motivator.

Referring to the debate of scientific publications, Academics say the editions produced by the Academy should be improved, as well as an electronic science library be created.


The Ad Hoc Commission comprises of ApollON Baçe who is the Commision Chair, and AnesTI Kondili, Artan Fuga, Aurela Anastasi, Floran Vila and NeKI Frashëri.


The commission's work began in December, after the clear position of Prime Minister Rama that without reform, this institution will be shut down.

A deadline of March 2018 was set for the Academics to find a solution to the institution's crisis, or else the government would remove funding for the Academy from the state budget.

Any proposals from the Ad Hoc Commission will be reviewed by the government for implementation approval and to ensure the full scope of the reform is encompassed.

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