The Public Procurement Commission has tendered the “Salillari” company which will foresee the construction of the new underpass for the New Ring Road.

This decision comes after the resignation of the Albanian Road Authority director, Sonila Qato, from her post.

The Bid Evaluation Commission disqualified this subject based on the argument that it did not meet the appropriate criteria to take part in this competition.

4 other companies have already left the race, but after the appeal, the Public Procurement Commission has once again allowed the “Salillari” company to enter into the competition.

The Albanian Road Authority is obliged to announce the new tender which many believe to be the “Salillari” company.

The second tender that opened for the construction of the underpass for the New Ring Road saw the participation of 8 companies.

The amount of funds available for this project is 2.2 billion lekë while the proposal of Salillari is estimated at 1.7 billion lekë. The recent decision by the Public Procurement Commission leads to another extension of procedures.

The bidding for this lot has become the focus of accusations and debates due to many past scandals.

Following the appointment of Belinda Balluku as head of the Finance Ministry, the project at Eagle Square has also changed and will foresee a reduction in overall surface area. Despite the abolition of the previously considered overpass and decision for the construction of an underpass, the funds for the project have not at all changed.

The cost of construction went down substantially with the second tender but the Road Authority disqualified all bids and deemed them invalid.

The first tender, which was won by the ghost company "Dh Albania", is worth an estimated 20 million euro.