Nursing, as well as also other programs of the University of Medicine, are being selected more and more by young people with the aim of moving out of Albania and finding employment in countries they believe will offer more opportunities for them.

And it's not just better salaries they seek. Lack of proper working conditions and professional evaluation are also commonly listed reasons by youth for leaving the country.

According to the Nursing Order data, only during year 2019, 554 abroad documentations have been issued for all occupations covered by this institution.

Also according to the Nursing Order, this year there has been a slight increase in the requests for this documentation, as in the year 2018 529 were issued for professions like Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy.

However, the Ministry of Health does not see this increase as a concern as, according to them, over 2000 nurses are newly licensed each year.

Interest in recruiting Albanian doctors and nurses has mainly been shown by the health institutions of the German state.

One month ago, a team of one of the German hospitals held a meeting with the QSUT staff and it has been learned that about 20 nurses were selected for positions within the German health system.

Those selected are expected to leave the Albanian homeland after receiving their German language certificates.