The operation codenamed "Rotten meat" has suspending trading for a shop operating under the most scandalous of conditions, with no food safety conditions being met at all. 

The company was responsible for preparing meat products, such as meatballs and minced meat, to later be sold to restaurants in Shëngjin. 

The police conducted the operation in co-operation with the National Food Authority in Tirana. 

They prevented a total of 528kg of meat products, all produced under severely substandard safety conditions and arrested the operator, Arsim Çurdina, a 55 year old resident of Kosovo. 

The 55-year-old, after processing the meat at the shop, traded it with the restaurants and commercial subjects in Shëngjin, endangering the health of consumers. 

"This citizen in Shëngjin has been caught in his vehicle, trading to restaurants an amount of 528kg of meat products illegally produced in an environment in Tirana without adhering to conditions of food safety. 

"As such, he has endangered the health of consumers. Not only that, but he was also selling these products to restaurants and "Fast Foods" in Shëngjin without issuing a tax bill, therefore hiding the income," declared the police in a statement. 

Investigations on the full documentation of this penal activity continue for all commercial entities and persons involved. 

Criminal charges have been laid against the individual in custody for "Concealment of income", "Manufacture and sale of food and other substances dangerous to health", "Market manipulation" and "Illegal employment" as according to articles 180/1, 288, 143/a/1 and 170/a of the Penal Code.