367 subjects were found to be in violation of taxation laws within the first 20 days of July.

The informality operation, supervised by the Tax Administration Directory, continued throughout bars and restaurants, which were penalized for unregistered employees and failing to issue tax receipts.

In the first press release, Director Delina Ibrahimaj said that no business in violation of the law will be tolerated.

“No entrepreneur can be enriched by violating laws at the expense of others. There will be no bars or hotels that operate on the market without NIPTs. There can be no business reporting artificially deflated incomes.

“This contradicts the principles of equality in the market and are actions at the expense of citizens who rightly ask for deserved public services, because they pay VAT on every purchase they make, but cannot receive them for they lose their money to the pockets of businessmen who do not give accurate declarations.

“There is no tolerance in this war! They are all equal before the law!” declared Ibrahimaj.

By the end of the year, 6,200 entities will be audited from high risk sectors such as tourism, construction and fuel, but the action against informality will include any subject that damages fair competition in the market.

/Ora News.tv/