New reports indicate that there are still 325,000 weapons in the hands of Albanian citizens. In the recently adopted measure, the government has compiled a strategy for reducing weapons currently in circulation.

During 1997, there was a significant increase in the number of weapons, ammunition and explosives obtained by ordinary citizens, and still, after so many years, despite a series of amnesties undertaken by the government, around 40% of weapons are still uncollected.

The number of explosives is very concerning as well. It is estimated that 16 million explosives have been stolen and currently only 2,000 of them have been collected.

The details on the situation, provided by the government, states that men own 99.9% of gun licenses and represent the overwhelming majority of perpetrators of firearm incidents at 98%. They also make up 89% of gun related fatalities.

Women on the other hand own only a handful of firearms, rarely misuse them, but disproportionately represent 11% of all gun-related fatalities.

Most women victims are a result of domestic violence and the misuse of firearms within this context.

The government document states that firearms and unlicensed combat munitions continue to be a source of potential risks for the lives of ordinary citizens, as well as for public order and security.

In addition to the internal requirements for increasing public safety, the strategy will also contribute to regional and European Union security through border control as well as fighting the illegal imports and exports of weapons, ammunition, and explosives.